There are some muslim men who have more than 1 wifes, however it’s precentage is very few compare to muslim men who have a wife only. More wifes mean more financial burden, grater demand to treat their all wifes fairly, more children who need more.

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Following a four-year lull, The Civil Affairs and its branches all over Saudi have now resumed taking in applications for nationality from Saudi men’s foreign wives and widows. There will be a scoring system wherein the wife must get at least 17 points for the applications to be processed, reports Saudi Gazette.

Back in 1993, there wasn’t a lot of info out there about foreign women married to Saudis.. Seriously, there are tens and thousands of foreign men and women. The legal system of Saudi Arabia is based on Sharia, Islamic law derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the traditions) of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Sometimes sex could be used as a ploy.. The text is, “Death – in many forms – awaits you on this foreign soil.” The soldier has no form of identification, either rank or unit. He wears no headgear. About the only thing that might make an American believe that he is Chinese is that he wears a padded jacket of the type some Chinese.

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 · For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits These 9 saudi kings gave Birth to 316 Children in Total! Unbelievable! It is basically against principles of marriage and treats woman as purely sexual objects and their children to be given some part of the large inheritance and wealth of theSaud.

This Site Might Help You. RE: how do Saudi Arabian men treat women? i know what the news and media say about this issue but i want to know, do ALL of them treat women as second class citizens? i really like Saudi Arabian men but i also want to be treated as their equal.

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