A court ruled that Vietnam vets who served on ships are eligible for benefits to treat illnesses linked to Agent Orange. Court Decides ‘Blue Water’ Navy Vets Should Be Eligible for Agent Orange.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Navy Veterans Hope For VA Benefits Tied To. seven other illnesses it says are linked to Agent Orange exposure,

A Vietnam veteran listens as Agent Orange expert and military historian. extends Department of Veterans Affairs benefits to veterans who served on. 9-2 in favor of a Blue Water Navy veteran, Alfred Procopio, 73, and other veterans, served on inland waterways and have Agent Orange-linked diseases.

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It would clarify that VA disability benefits provided to Vietnam Veterans based on a presumption they were exposed to Agent Orange include veterans who served on ships that patrolled the Vietnam.

Any ailments Shulkin might add to VA’s current list of 14 “presumptive diseases” linked to herbicide exposure would make many. and the Congress to make Blue Water Navy veterans eligible for Agent.

Once Again, the VA Turns Down Navy Vets for Agent Orange Benefits A federal court had ordered the VA to reassess its policy denying Agent Orange benefits to Navy sailors who served in the Vietnam War.

Davis Hopes Agent Orange Benefits For “Blue Water” Vietnam Vets. – Davis Hopes Agent Orange Benefits For “blue water” vietnam vets passes Congress This Year. says he hopes a new version of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans. They deserve the same benefits that other veterans are getting.. give “presumptive Agent Orange exposure status to Navy veterans.

Blue Water Veterans and Agent Orange Exposure – Public Health – VA benefits. Blue Water Veterans who did not set foot in Vietnam or serve aboard ships that operated on the inland waterways of Vietnam must show on a factual basis that they were exposed to herbicides during military service in order to receive disability compensation for diseases related to Agent orange exposure (other than non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ).

Procopio is one of tens of thousands of "Blue Water Navy" veterans who served in Vietnam aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships and were deemed ineligible for the same disability.

A new House bill could extend benefits for Vietnam veterans who were exposed to herbicides like Agent Orange in thailand. house bill could offer hope to veterans exposed to Agent Orange | kcentv.

‘Veterans are dying’: VA mishandles rollout of mental health benefit Today at the White House, President Trump and VA Secretary dr. david shulkin announced three initiatives that will expand access to health care for Veterans across the country.Using telehealth technology and mobile applications, VA will connect with more Veterans to provide services where they live.